MYMY is a photographic partnership between Yvonne Catterson and Matt McConaghy. They work as a team, both equal creatives, with aesthetics and an overall vision that sync up perfectly. Their complementary skills result in a unique approach, passionate attention to detail and skilful execution of the project vision.

Clients include NHS, Samsung, Nokia, Dove and Cancer Research UK

What We Do

We work across a broad range of disciplines, incorporating architecture & interiors, portraiture and lifestyle.

Who We Are

Born in Scotland, Yvonne graduated with an MA in Photography from The Royal College of Art in London, and has gone on to work for many design companies, top brands and prestigious magazines. The theme of humanity is a constant in Yvonne’s work. She captures the best of people, creating strong narrative based images, that are both intimate and powerful.

Matt is a director and photographer with work stemming from a diversity of travelled interests, inspirations and life experiences. His cinematic sensibilities are the trademark of his work. Matt has worked with brands including British Airways, Nokia, IBM, Philips and Ericsson, and his work has won numerous awards including a Grand Prix IVCA. You can see his directing work here









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