MYMY is a photographic partnership between Yvonne Catterson and Matt McConaghy.

What We Do

We work across a broad range of disciplines, incorporating architecture & interiors, portraiture and lifestyle. We work for magazines and major clients such as NHS, Samsung, Nokia, Dove and Cancer Research, and also for small local companies and individuals. 

We have a passion for what we do, and believe in creativity and collaboration. Our expertise covers pre production, shooting, post production, & retouching.

Who We Are

Yvonne studied photography at Napier in Edinburgh, and then an MA at The Royal College of Art in London. She has worked for a broad range of clients; advertising and design agencies and magazines including Country Living, Marie Claire and World of Interiors. As well as photographing, Yvonne pursues her interest in photography as collectible art, and has studied at Sotheby's Institute of Art. She sells fine art prints of her images and works for private clients as well as corporations and media.

Matt is a director and photographer with work stemming from a diversity of travelled interests, inspirations and life experiences. His cinematic sensibility is his trademark. Matt has worked with top brands including British Airways, Nokia, IBM, Philips and Ericsson, and his work has won numerous awards including a Grand Prix IVCA. You can see his directing work here










Yvonne Catterson in Reigate, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Yvonne Catterson in Reigate, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Yvonne Catterson in Reigate, Surrey, UK on Houzz
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